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IT'S ALL ABOUT JUKEN [10 Jul 2008|01:33pm]
[ mood | creative ]

WoW!!! yesterday, the  vamps cd arrived!!! i'm happy!!! but i'm surprised!!! JU-KEN IS GOING TO BE THE NEW BASSIST OF VAMPS!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!! i don't know if he had already worked with hyde, but anyway it's a good thing and curious!!!




[09 Jun 2008|02:57pm]



Tomorrow, Marina(frutita) goes back to Japan!! NOOOOOO!!! la frutita!!!! we will miss you, it's hard to understand you but you're always full of happyness, thank you for your help in japanese!!!! and thank you for all!!! surely we'll meet again, but it will be in japan no doubt!!!! 

for 6 months, mondays and wednesdays with her practicing the japanese and of course spanish.

I'm so fool i haven't had any photo of you!!!


[04 Jun 2008|11:37am]
[ mood | busy ]

there will be a Paris photobook and documentary!!!!! thanks to doihachan to explain it in her report!!i'm very happy right now!!! in addition i already have my black rose Yukata!!!!! XDDDDD

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Exams [29 May 2008|09:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm so fucking tired!!!!!! i'm studying a lot but i don't know if.....

well, I have already pre-ordered love addict single by Vamps!!! yeah!!! Limited Edition!!! actually i made it a few weeks ago but sorry i don't have so much time to post....

And i'm so frustrated because i haven't bought MY PLATINUM BOX!!!!!! yet!!!! I want to see you & God in action again!!! long long time ne!
i'm so grateful, thanks to loreley78 for uploading the preview interview of Vamps!!!

i want to sell a few things but not yet!!!(^-^). YAHOO AUCTIONS IS MY ADDICTION!!!!

be water My beloved friends!!!!

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[12 May 2008|12:43pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]







Monica R.I.P:

i died then my instinct was born:

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[14 Dec 2007|08:20pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Moi dix mois concert was amazing!!!! FUE GENIAL M KEDE SIN PALABRAS ES GENIAL!!!!!!


[12 Oct 2007|01:29pm]
hace mucho k no actualizo(T-T)
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JROCK [27 May 2007|12:00pm]
[ mood | content ]

FINALLY I SAW AYABIE IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!in my city again!!!!!!(BARCELONA)!!!!!!!! i'm so happy, they`re so cute.......but Aoi is like the most cute boy in the earth, his face is (^///////^)......is like *i want to hug you*...ummmmm... i think that everybody wanted..., you know?...

at the entrance.....

you see the bus in the right side? there was Ayabie from Holanda!!!! and i think probably in a wrong way that they were watching us through the black windows......

Finally i had the oportunity to do a photo of their signs, .....lucky boy!!!!*grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* in his japanese workbook.


they performed my favourite song *kimi no koe to yakusoku* was fantastic....., everybody was *drugged* by the high notes of the Aoi's voice.... perfectly beautiful. He wore a gold kimono, after the typical t-shirt *AYABIE EUROPE TOUR 07*, XDDDDDDDDDD, kenzo's drums were perfect as well, yumehito in a punk pink gosu rori dress,so cute, intetsu and takehito , they were also super rockish and cute. BUT the extasis was the Aoi's screams:*hola a tothom*, *gracias*, *Hola amigo*, *Barcelona* and the super torero Aoi with his bull yumehito, XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

how cute they are:

neeeeeee, ureshii desu yo ne!!!!

P.D: FINALLY i could listen the new song of gackt in the Dears web, returner, XDDDD, oh my god is perfect!!!! and soon the DVD!!!!!! i will see junji, juken, chacha and You again after a long time !!!!

the cutest thing in the world [06 May 2007|08:48pm]


三番? はい、 やりました!!!!!!! [30 Apr 2007|10:09am]
[ mood | calm ]

i had got the 3rd position in the japanese speaking contest in barcelona!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!!! the 1st psition will go to japan!!!! the boy was so lucky, ......um...... yes was really good at japanese!!!!! there was a lot of japanese people , so in that situation i felt more nervous and scared me a little poor me(T-T)

but finally all was right!!!! i won a mp3, a commemorative diploma, a free ticket to a expensive japanese restaurant and another differents things i'm so lucky ne!!!!

in addition i was talking to another sensei, who was a little bit odd also wore yukata with a traditional matsuri festival t-shirt, sorry i don't know the name, the same blue clothes that appear in this photo:

was so funny this man!

P.D: finally we have *por fin* another new rock songs from gackt--- chacha= ROCK ON!!!!


VACANCES!!!!!!!! [10 Apr 2007|11:51am]
[ mood | busy ]

hello!!!! i have been here!!!!!but with all my homeworks (T-T) so finally a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my friends!!!!!! ^-^!!!!


P.D.: Ayabie come to spain!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i don't know if i will go or not


[23 Mar 2007|07:28pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

finally i have finished my exams succesfully!!!!!!!! i'm very happy!!!!!!
じゃあ、 最近、 あまり書けなかったよね、 いそがしかった。。。。。。。

i saw finally Tak he's so cute in the stage, but he seemed a little bit sad...

me, in the concert(lolitaXvisual)jajajajajaj:

P.D: i saw this fil, ryuhei looks so cool in it:



Exams [09 Mar 2007|04:44pm]
[ mood | awake ]

on saturday i'm going to Calmando Qual's concert i hope that will be fun!!!!!!! because of i have to study a lot.

tomorrow i have an exam very very difficult of filosophy!!!!! i wanna dye!!!!! and finally i have got the level 4 in certificated of the japanese language!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!!!!!!! thanks to gacktyougirl to let me practice in the comments of her entrys!!!!! little by little i have realized that my level of english have become poor!!!! (^-`) yes *i Can't speak english* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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OJIICHAN CHACHAMARU!!!! [03 Mar 2007|06:16pm]
Happy Birthday Chacha!!!!!!!!(^-^)

thoughts about Masa!!!!! [22 Feb 2007|06:14pm]
[ mood |

[ music | Gackt --Maria-- ]

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!!!!!!JROCK AGAIN [18 Feb 2007|12:16pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i'm going to see the next month Calmando qual's concert!!!!!! in my little city, yes they will come to my little city!!!!!!!!!!!*Hospitalet*, i will se tak!!!! (^-^) ureshii ne!!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY [11 Feb 2007|08:31am]
[ mood | happy ]


- i'm waiting that someone give me something about visual kei band Blood (TT_TT).
today is also the birthday of my friend Leti she is already 22 years old(old) hewheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh.... happy birthday my jrockish dear we meet tonight ne!!!!!!!!!


なんか。。。 新しい髪です!!!!!!!!! [26 Jan 2007|08:20pm]
[ mood |
[ music | Shelly Trip Realize --Darling-- ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my hair is curly but for one day was (stright?) and super blackish (^-^) ちょっとねロリイタね(^-^)
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[22 Jan 2007|11:58am]
[ mood |

[ music | My Chemical Romance  --You know what they do to guys
like us in prison--

i'm sick!!! so today i haven't gone to school(^-^) but the geography exam is waiting me (TT-TT)

KANO SOZABURO!!!! another demon(^-^) [20 Jan 2007|12:39am]
[ mood |

[ music | L'arc en ciel --Kasou-- ]

bueno hace mucho que no escribo nada!!!(^-`U) el orde se me ha estropeado y esas cosas la verdad esque nada interesante ha pasado salvo que para reyes me trajeron la pelicula de GOHATTO!!!!!(PLEASE WATCH IT!!!) es magnifica estoy obsesionada con la peli(Perturbada)!!!!!! hoy mismo la he visto otra vez pero aún sigo sin entender el final!!!!(T-T)!!! en ella sale Beat Takeshi(kitano) y tachan tachan ryuhei matsuda el mismo que hace la peli de NANA solo que con unos 16 añitos (^/////////////////////////^)*fangirl* otro oso porno como dice aoi_sama hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

english: i have been sawing gohatto it's so beautiful please watch it and explain me the final please!!!!


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